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Thank You For Looking!

Olive Wood Rustic Edge Bowl

We are so pleased that you have found us. Thank you for looking at our beautiful Olive Wood Bowls. We hope you are as excited by them as we are.

Like viewing a house, picture can’t really do them justice. There is something magical about bringing one of our bowls to life. Just a little wipe with a lint free cloth and then rubbing around with some olive or is possibly the most satisfying thing you will do that day! We are also including a pair of our salad servers in this set so you are ready to make up the perfect salad..

The Crown of the Mediterranean

Every product we sell tells a story and this is true with our flagship product – the Large Rustic Edge bowl. We sell in 2 size ranges. The jewel in the olive wood artisan range, these beautiful items are always going to be sought after and in short supply.


Only Elevate Lifestyle products contain our branding on the base of the bowl and include links to our recipe e-book.

Our aim is to celebrate the true origin of our products and not deceive you with fairy tales. We celebrate that we discovered our artisan in Tunisia.

Fill Your Home with Stories

Beautifully Unique – each bowl tells its own story with knots, checks and patterns.

Hardwood – perfect for the kitchen as it resists stains and odor.

Perfect Gift – House Warming, anniversary, birthday, wedding… perfect for every occasion.

Variety – Every bowl is different – this includes its size. Please allow ±1″ in size variation.

Versatile – fruit bowl, salad bowl, everyday use, ornament, table centerpiece.

The consistent quality that Elevate Lifestyle is famous for.

Elevate Lifestyle, olive wood, olive wood bowl, kitchenware, servewareElevate Lifestyle, olive wood, olive wood bowl, kitchenware, serveware

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salad bowl

salad bowl

Fruit bowl

Fruit bowl

Fill your home with Stories.

At Elevate HQ we believe that:

we cannot continue to sustain our planet simply by wanting, buying and consuming more and more stuff – so we believe less is more. the most valuable things in our house are functional, designed to last and make their mark within their space. products should tell a story of their own and have an independence and a history.

When you purchase a product from us you will learn a little of the story of how it came to be. You will marvel at the skills of the artisan, the origin of the material and sometimes the adversity overcome.

Every product is carefully and honestly sourced, totally unique and we our future in mind.


The size of each rustic bowl is dictated on the nature, texture and shape of the wood being turned.

The bowls range in size as outlined in the description. Regardless of its size, each one is skilfully crafted to enhance the natural features of the wood. If you have an exact size in mind then we would suggest this is not the listing for you as we cannot ensure this.

Ancient Tales

Olive trees are a spectacular wood that ages beautifully. Olive trees can live for hundreds of years but eventually stop producing fruit. This is when they are regarded as ancient.

​When they are ancient, the wood thickens, becomes harder, and takes on a unique shape and colour.

It includes instructions on how to care for your product, a little about the origin and how to download ‘The Salad Bowl’ an e-book comprising the best Mediterranean inspired salad recipes.

Size range

10.5″ ±1″

8.5″ ±1″


20″ ±1″

10″ servers

Salad Servers included


X Includes Dipping bowl

6 Piece including Servers

Made from…

100% Olive Wood

100% Olive Wood

100% Olive Wood

100% Olive Wood

100% Olive Wood

Dishwasher Safe






Care Instructions Included


Link to “The Salad Bowl” Recipe Book

Food Safe

NATURAL AND UNIQUE. Products are all 100% natural Olive Wood and handmade with bark brim finish. No two bowls are the same so you’ll have a unique item for your home or as a gift for others.
SIZE. Each bowl comes from a single block of olive wood so size of bowl may vary. Diameter of at least 9.5”. Please only order if you accept these natural variations. Servers: 10″
ETHICALLY PRODUCED. All made from the wood of Olive trees that no longer produce fruit and trees are planted to replace used ones.
BEAUTIFUL AND INDIVIDUAL. A beautiful and unique Olive wood centerpiece for your family table and gatherings that will get people talking.
GIFTS. A fantastic and special unique set that will be a perfect wedding, anniversary, birthday, corporate gift that will stand out in their home. Comes with FREE ebook of delicious Mediterranean recipes.