Price: $155.15
(as of Jun 22,2022 23:09:07 UTC – Details)

Name: Wrought iron flower arch flower frame climbing frame
Specifications:: width 140 height 230. width 180 height 220
Weight: 4 kg
Two sizes of side width: 25cm/40cm to choose from, default 25cm
color: White
Material: 19mm diameter galvanized steel pipe paint treatment
Scope of application: wedding flower stand, plant climbing stand,
This product can easily cope with all kinds of weather, perfect protection of plants, waterproof, rust-proof and corrosion-resistant.
Quick and easy to install, no complicated and cumbersome parts, it only takes a few minutes to install.
In the leisurely afternoon, enjoy the fun of being in the sea with family and friends and afternoon tea.
The connection design uses a galvanized connecting pipe. The joint is connected by metal parts and is inserted into the two ends of the pipe. The strength is good and the assembly is simple and convenient.
Connected to the cross arm, snap-on design, easy to install, used to reinforce the arch, or continue to purchase multiple sets of arches to form a corridor.
It has a perforated column and is punched with this pointed column before inserting the soil for easy insertion. The drilling depth is more than 20mm.
The screw-reinforced liuding, the surface twisting process, helps the climbing plant to grow, and the surface plastic coated material effectively prevents high temperature from harming the plant.