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Product Description


This flower vine contains the most popular silk vintage peony, rose and eucalyptus elements.In designing, we not only considered the restoration of the most authentic flowers as much as possible,but also wanted to bring customers a unique consumption experience through different combinations and collocations.


Our flower vines have been upgraded to look more agile, three-dimensional, and not clumsy at all.

The stamens are also very full and soft.

If you don’t touch it with your hands, you may not be able to find that it is an artificial flower vine, and you can even see the veins of flowers.


Nature is very skillful. It sounds impossible to restore the color of flowers, but we will not give up.

After repeated tests, our dyers finally chose the most natural color that is not easy to fade.

If you are careful, you may find that these complex and gradual colors make the stamens and leaves more vivid.








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As a designer, MISSPIN sincerely hopes that customers can leave real reviews after receiving the goods, which will provide great help when we design products next time!

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If the stamens are slightly deformed after receiving the vines, you can use the hot air of a hair dryer to make the stamens fuller and more natural.

In order to prevent the stamen from falling off, we deliberately used some latex at the junction of the flower stem and the stamen to make them adhere more firmly.

If they fall off during transportation, don’t worry, we believe that there will be latex in your home.

The Best Choice For DIY Decoration

I believe you also pay attention to these beautiful and romantic pictures above.

When dressing up, you can use some small accessories, such as small bulbs, bells, fruits, etc.

Some of the dress-up activities in the picture are just examples of display, we are very curious how you will use these flower vines!

If you feel satisfied after receiving it, we also hope that you can recommend it to your friends.

🌼【Dimension and quantity】Every pack includes 3 Eucalyptus Peony Vines, and each vine has 4 large peony silk flowers and 4 silk roses. Length of flower vine: 70.8 inches, diameter of peony: 3.5 inches, diameter of rose: 2.4, size of leaf: 1-1.2 inches.
🌼【Vintage peony】We highly recommend the vintage peony on flower vines. It perfectly replicates the shape of real peony. The bud is soft, big, plum and full of luxury. You can find that the color of internal and external pedals is different, which makes it more vivid and abundant in layers.
🌼【High-end product】This is a hand-made product finished after many processes, so it is of great process value. Our dyer has repeatedly tested the color of leaves and flowers to ensure that the color is real and natural and won’t be faded easily. It is definitely cost-effective to buy the flower vine with so many accessories at this price.
🌼【Three-dimensional and natural look】The pink stamen becomes more vivid and natural and isn’t stiff at all against the deep Eucalyptus leaves. The flower vine is soft, making it easy to shape differently and hang down naturally. Stems are interleaved, so you will find it dynamic and three-dimensional from any angle. The leaves have clear veins and the rose bud is in gradient color. Sometimes you can even see the stamen of peony.
🌼【Abundant application scenes】This hand-made artificial flower vine enables you to create any romantic atmosphere. It is suitable for many scenes such as wedding gathering, wedding arch, centerpiece, show window, shop, restaurant, office, flower basket, party, celebration, aisle, stairs, fence, swing and garden.