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Product Description

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Men’s argyle socks are a timeless classic. A trendy pattern for weddings and formal events, argyle always brings a sense of class. We offer argyles in just about any bold color you can imagine: burgundy, coral, mint, navy blue, blush, flamingo, and so much more! You have a color in mind; we can match it. The most colorful argyle looks on the internet live here. Our fun selection of color schemes and modified argyle patterns are some of the trendiest in the world. There’s no need to look anywhere else!

Clean WaterClean Water


Every pair of Statement Sockwear helps provide 100 days of clean water for someone in Rwanda, Africa, through our partnership with 20 liters that provides clean water filtration systems and rainwater cisterns.



One of the greatest worldwide needs of our time is clean water. 1 in 10 people don’t have access to clean water and dirty water kills more people than all forms of violence, including war. It is a devastating reality for many, and one that we believe we can help to change with sustainable clean water solutions that return, on average, a sevenfold return on investment.

It is our belief that we can all make a difference if we work together. For every pair purchased, we help provide 100 days of clean water in places like Rwanda, Africa through our partnership with 20 Liters that provides sand and membrane filters and rainwater cisterns in places that have access to water but the water needs to be properly filtered to remove the harmful bacteria.

Ethical ManufacturingEthical Manufacturing


With a vertically integrated supply chain, our manufacturer oversees and controls the entire manufacturing process from the time the cotton is picked to the time the socks are stitched and packaged.








Customers often have little visibility into where products are sourced and manufactured, creating little accountability. It’s an unsettling problem with unsettling results. Rather than plead ignorance, we’ve elected to proactively and intentionally partner with an ethical manufacturer using a vertically integrated supply chain.


A vertically integrated supply chain means our manufacturer oversees and controls the entire sock manufacturing process. Each step is carefully designed and managed to further unify the vision and values of the company. Decisions about how the company is run then benefits every worker in every facility.


State-of the-art factories, fair wages, opportunities for upward mobility, and tight regulations all contributed to our decision to manufacture in Colombia, but it is the emphasis on employees and employee benefits in a vertically integrated system that makes us willing to pay 3-4 times what we would pay in China.



In addition to making a statement and a difference with every pair of Statement Sockwear socks, we believe in providing a high quality dress sock with unique patterns and designs. We use only the finest combed cotton from both the USA and Colombia. Long, smooth strands of cotton twisted together create stronger, softer yarns that make the socks incredibly soft and comfortable and keep you reaching into your sock drawer for the same pair of Statement socks every week.

We treat each sock design like an art canvas knowing that you treat each pair of socks like an extension and expression of you. We strive to constantly innovate, despite the limitations in socks, to provide unique designs that go far beyond traditional patterns and icons on socks. We hope you enjoy fun, colorful socks as much as we do.

Date First Available‏:‎May 22, 2014

HIGH-QUALITY DRESS SOCKS. These argyle socks were manufactured to feel amazing, move with you and LAST.
EXACT COLOR MATCH FOR WEDDING SOCKS & GROOMSMEN SOCKS. Designed with brides and grooms in mind, these wedding socks are an exact match for the swatches from the most popular bridal shops. These groomsmen socks will perfectly match the bridesmaid dresses!
PREMIUM DESIGN. Designed in-house in Grand Rapids, Michigan, these socks pair the most eye-catching colors for a fashion-forward look you can take anywhere.
ETHICALLY MANUFACTURED. Using a vertically-integrated supply chain, we have ensured that each step of the manufacturing process upholds the highest standards for every person working to create these socks.
SOCIAL IMPACT. For each pair bought, 100 days of clean water is provided for an individual in Africa, changing the way of life for more than 42,000 individuals so far.